January 2012
A book is published by the Swiss publisher Peter Lang: AEOLIAN HARP - An Essay Concerning the Nature of Tone (Peter Lang 2012).

October 2011
A new book by Gunnar Bucht has been published: Tankebok: TEMA MUSIK (Book of Thoughts: Theme Music), Gidlunds 2011.

December 2009
Two new books by Gunnar Bucht are published: Rum, människa, musik, Atlantis 2009, Quid est tonus? Jacques Handschin, Der Toncharakter - och därutöver, Gidlunds 2009. More details here.

June 2006
Reviews of Gunnar Bucht's book Pythagoras' sträng may be read here (in Swedish only).

December 2005
"Catalogue raisonné ou parcours confus", Gunnar Bucht's own commentaries on his works free to download (65 pages, 232 K, in Swedish only).

October 2005
A new book by Gunnar Bucht has been published by Thales Edition in Stockholm: Pythagoras' sträng. Essäer kring musikens gränser (Pythagoras' String. Essays on the Limits of Music). Thales, Stockholm 2005.